Fast and professional car unlocking

ATTENTION! Before starting the unlocking process, you must be able to prove that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle by presenting a technical passport or other relevant documents.

Emergency car unlocking is an important service for vehicle owners.
Our SOS service will be necessary if you happen to lose or break your car keys, or if you forget them in the trunk or inside the car.

We will help you unlock your car:

  • if you accidentally lock your car doors with the keys inside;
  • if you need to unlock your car when the keys are left in the trunk;
  • if you need to unlock your car, but the keys are left in the bag inside the car;
  • if the key is stuck in the ignition;
  • if you cannot unlock the car and your battery is dead;
  • Emergency car unlocking.
The main advantage of our company is providing high-quality services in car door unlocking. We can assist you at any time of the day.
The most important thing to remember is not to try to unlock the car yourself if you want to avoid unpleasant consequences. Therefore, entrust the car unlocking to specialists, and we will quickly solve your problem.

Each car requires its own approach and professional equipment, so opening modern cars is not so simple. But our specialists will do everything in the best possible way, so if you have forgotten or lost your keys, there is no need to waste time - call us, and we will quickly unlock your car without any damage.

We offer free consultations.


Recovery in cases of completely lost keys.